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You can now park on reserved spots when they're not being used.Were testing our new service for shared parking on selected locations for a smarter utilization of cities.


Reduce your monthly bill and make your neighbors life easier - share your parking spot when you're not using it

Frequently asked questions

What is Aimo re:park?Our new sharing service that lets you rent others' or sublet your own parking spot. We hope to reduce congestion and simplify everyday life by utilizing urban spaces more efficient.
Who can sublet their parking spot?If you have a reserved spot or permit at any of our connected sites you are eligible for subletting and have received an email from us with instructions and login credentials. If not, your are welcome to submit your interest at
How do I sublet?After logging in with your email and Aimo customer ID, you can choose the dates you would like to sublet your spot. For each day your spot is sublet, you get a reduction on your monthly invoice. The customer can book any of your announced dates.
How will my listing be promoted?Your announced dates will be visible on our web page, We suggest that you share the link in the confirmation email with neighbors through social media to increase your chances of having the spot booked. But remember not to share that you're away from home in social media.
What's the cost of renting a spot?Prices are shown in the list of available spots. All spots have a set price per day which is based on the monthly fee for each spot.
How do I book a spot?Select a spot in the list of available spots and dates. You can then choose which of the dates you want to book. Book and pay for through the website, and your license plate number will automatically be assigned a digital parking permit for the selected period. The person who has sublet the spot will be notified and prompted to move their car for the duration of the booking.
Can I remove or change my available dates?ou can change or remove available dates until they have been booked. After that, it will no longer be possible to cancel or change the booked dates, except for special cases. Contact us at if you have further questions.
Can I change the license plate that I entered when booking the spot?The digital parking permit can only be applied to one car. If you have accidentally registered the wrong license plate, please contact us at
Can I cancel or change my booking?Contact
How do parking attendants know that my car has a permit for the spot I have booked?Upon booking the parking spot, a digital permit will automatically be issued for the chosen period. Usage of the parking spot outside of the paid booking will be fined with a control fee.
Why was my car fined?Double check that the license plate for the car you have parked is the same as the number you gave when booking. If you consider the control fee unwarranted, please contact us as soon as possible with a written statement of rectification.


For techical support and help with payment issues, contact

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